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EVTA (European Voice Teachers Association)
CV and events

Mette Pedersen is a privately educated concert singer (Jolanda Rodeo & Karen Heerup) and a pianist (Teddy Teirup). Her repertoire include: Schubert - Die schöne Müllerin, Winterreise, Schumann Dichterliebe, and many other songs. For piano, her repertoire includes Fr. Chopin - Fantasi-Impromptu (ciss-moll), Franz Schubert - Impromptu (As-dur) Op. 90 Nr. 4, Schumann - Kinderscenen, Bach - Italian Concerto, and many others. She is a Medical doctor, with a specialty in Ear- Nose- Throat disorders. She defended her thesis in 1997 in Oulu, Finland (Advisor: Erki Vilkman, Opponent: Wolfram Seidner). The thesis was later published as a book "Normal Development of Voice in Children" (Springer-Verlag). She has been serving as Laryngologist for the Royal Danish boys choir, and 2 hospitals (Bispebjerg & Hvidovre) in the Copenhagen area for 10 years. She has had a private ENT practice in the center of Copenhagen for 42 years. She was a Danish representative in the European COST action 2103 on "Advanced Voice Function Assessment" from 2006-2011 and thereafter made 9 symposia based on the COST action in Denmark, out of which number 8 was coordinated with the 7th World Voice Consortium conference in Copenhagen, where she was president. She has been the Danish representative to the Union of European Phoniatricians for many years and since June 2021 member of the board of the Danish Voice association. She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine United Kingdom. Her current working interest is voice analysis, especially with deep learning and Ultrahigh Resolution OCT.

She has published around 150 papers, book chapters, conference presentations, and instruction courses.



Mette Pedersen, Vitus Girelli Meiner (2023). Overview of Voice Parameters in Parkinson's Disease eventually usable as biomarkers. Webinar in the Biomarkers Committee, Sep 2023 in English pdf - Library search 1, library search 2

EVTA Council in Erlangen, Germany, August the 5th.

Mette Pedersen (2023) Quantitative Examination of Vocal Folds, Deep Learning High-Speed Image Analysis and Optical Coherence Tomography with Ultra-High Resolution. Presentation at Danish Voice Association.

Israelsen N, Larsen CF, Pedersen M (2022) Quantitative examination of vocal folds, aspects of image analysis and OCT with Ultra-high resolution. European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA) Echo #2 - May 2023 in english pdf - English


Member of the board of Danish Voice Association (Part of EVTA)

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